Sell your equipment to us

Our business wouldn't work without great suppliers. We make buying effortless and deliver every time. Reach out by phone (662-469-3333) or email ( to set up a meeting with our procurement professionals who will work with you to get the most out of your equipment.

Procurement works like this-

Send an email to with the following information-


First and Last Name


Phone Number

Whether you are looking to sell or trade in your equipment

Equipment info- Make/Model/Photos and a brief description of what you are looking to sell.

Within a couple of hours of sending the email a team member will assist you in proceeding. Typical procedure is as follows-

Once a deal is negotiated a prepaid shipping label will be sent to you, or we will pick up the equipment for free. This is at no cost to you.

After the equipment arrives to our facility it will be processed and you will be paid the next day via Direct Deposit, Check, or Store Credit.

**Please note that your equipment will be INSURED to FULL value during shipping to prevent the loss or damage of any equipment. If for some reason a deal is not made your equipment will be returned in the same or better condition it was received. You will pay nothing for shipping to or from your location.