Spectra Precision TS515 Construction Total Station

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Used in good shape. Comes with the following-

* Spectra Precision TS515 Mechanical Total Station

* AC Adapter/Charger
* User Manual On Cd-ROM

* Hard Carrying Case
* New Battery

About this total station-

Setup is designed to be simple. The TS515 Mechanical Total Station can be set up in a convenient location for maximum visibility of the work area. The contractor can measure two control points before starting to lay out excavation lines, concrete forms and anchor bolts. All layout functions have built-in checks, and all relevant data can be stored for future reference. Dual-axis compensation ensures that the TS515 remains level and accurate, even during steep sighting applications such as high-rise control. The TS515 features a large graphical display and full alphanumeric keypad. The easy-to-learn graphical instruction of onboard programs and full alphanumeric keypad let you enter information or layout dimension quickly for efficient equipment use. 


The TS515 is designed to work seamlessly with the Trimble LM80 Layout Manager, a pocket-sized personal computer featuring data collection software created specifically for in-the-field construction layout.  The LM80 lets the contractor input blueprint dimensions, complex curves, arcs, and build a digital replica of the layout plan. The graphical plan can then be used as an aid to laying out points with the TS515.