Topcon GPT-3002LW Prismless Surveying Total Station,Trimble,Leica,Nikon,Sokkia

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Used in good shape - The only thing to note is one side of the LCDs buttons need to be depressed deep to function. Please see photos for more details. It does work well regardless.

Designed for the professional surveyor, the easy to use Topcon GPT-3002LW Total Station is ideal for any surveying application. Whether it be the tightest control survey, construction staking or a boundary survey with 2 second angular accuracy and its rugged design, the GPT-3002LW is suitable for use in the toughest environments. Topcon GPT-3002LW can stand up to any wet weather condition that can occur in the field, giving the benefit of not experiencing down time due to inclement weather. Reflectorless feature is highly effective when measuring to points where it is dangerous or difficult to place prisms directly, and when job efficiency is the first priority. Topcon’s GPT-3002LW uses a dual laser optics system, one narrow beam for non-prism functions, and a broader beam when using a prism. This stabilizes the beam over long distances providing accurate measurement, even in adverse atmospheric conditions such as heat shimmer. The ability of the GPT-3002LW to measure long range is significant, but the real advantage of this technology is what this increased measurement power means at shorter distances. The Topcon GPT-3002LW outperforms all other reflectorless total stations when measuring to difficult targets. Fine focusing on each measurement point is not required, as Class I invisible laser is used, the operation is completely safe for operator, rod person and passerby's. GPT-3002LW features wireless operation! With no cable between the instrument and a Bluetooth enabled data collector, these total stations offer versatility and ease of use for surveying and construction applications. A laser plummet makes setup fast and easy, and the Point Guide Feature allows for fast alignment in staking tasks. For enhanced operation in the field, the internal memory stores up to 8,000 points, or up to 16,000 point for layout work. Data communication to a data collector is possible via Bluetooth or RS-232C interface cable. Topcon's dual-axis tilt sensors provides automatic compensation for both horizontal and vertical angles, ensuring accuracy even when the instrument is not precisely leveled. These features combine to provide ultimate flexibility in many field applications such as Field surveying, City Elevation Work, Forestry Survey, Quarries Survey, Mining, Accident Investigation and so on.

  • Accuracy                         2"

  • Internal memory              8,000 points

  • Distance to 1 prism          9,840 feet

  • Prismless distance            3,900 feet  

  • LCD display                      Dual

  • Tilt sensors                      Dual

  • Laser plumb                     Yes

  • Track light                        Yes

  • Bluetooth                         Yes                   



Topcon GPT-3002LW total station

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